Monday, May 24, 2010

A trip to a farm.

Is there a better place to be in the spring rather than on a farm? Hardly any. We thought so too and headed out to enjoy a lot of baby animals at a Quite Valley Farm.

The farm itself is a Historical Living Farm that belongs to the town but all the work is being done by volunteers. They have a phenomenal homeschool program where the kids actively participate and learn about gardening and tending to animals. All the volunteers at the event were dressed in the 1800s outfits and the atmosphere of the whole place was simply magical!
We petted a 1 week old baby goat, saw chicks hatching, watches piglets fight over food, said hello to a calf, played with bunnies, fed dandelions to the chickens, stroked horses and a mule.

The whole tour took a little over two hours but we simply did not want to leave. We were hanging out and tasted home baked bread with butter and oatmeal cookies that were being pulled out from the oven in front of our eyes. However, even a not so expensive sampling tuns out to be quite an extra expense to the entrance fee for our whole family(remember, everything times six!). We had to skip on a buggy ride that was again for extra money and a gift shop was a place only for looking, not buying. But our kids are fine with that and they have never thrown a fit if we tell them no. They understand and we still have a great time.
Jumping in the straw did not cost anything, so we took advantage of that! Even Mirek and Evan had a blast.
With the trip we are contemplating in the nearest future there will be many more days like that! Spending time in harmony with nature and animals, revitalizing our souls and reviving our spirits. It was truly a therapy for us and we dearly loved being on the farm and hope to be able to live off the land some time very soon.

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