Sunday, May 09, 2010

My Watermelon bed.

Happy Mother's Day to me!
This morning Mirek and the two older girls went fishing. They woke up voluntarily at 5:30 in the morning. It got pretty cold, so they had to dress up very well not to be cold while by the river. The plan was to get fish for Mother's Day dinner. Oops... sorry, no fish.

But... I got a wonderful dessert! A watermelon bed!

The girls had gotten expired by "Henry and Mudge Mother's Day Surprise" book and decided to make me a fruit surprise as well. "Mom, you can't look, you have to stay in your bedroom, read a book or something...", Ivana told me. It was nice to hear! Read a book! And not to be bothered! Wow, that IS a Mother's Day gift already!

I promised I wouldn't look and stayed by the fireplace, warming up. Yep, it is May and we are still making fires. Which I absolutely love, so the cold outside does not upset me as much.
Mirek had helped them with cutting the watermelon and apples in half, and the rest they took into their own hands.
I absolutely LOVED my gift! It made me feel very special, loved, cared for!
Thank you, my dears! I love you too!
Then we all got the biggest spoons and dug into it! Yum!

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