Saturday, May 15, 2010

Civil War at a glimpse.

When history comes alive... This is a surgeon talking passionately about the remedies and procedures of his time, the Civil war era. He had tended to the wounded soldiers, treated them against malaria, constipation, fever, amputated numerous amounts of limbs and lost a lot of soldiers to gangrene.
Soldiers are setting up tents, relaxing between the battles. The ladies are cooking rabbit stew and going around asking the soldiers to sign up a petition to frohibit drinking. The Captain refused to sign it. He said it was one of the very few privileges the soldiers could have in his regiment...
This was all volunteer program presented by local Historical Society. We were able to tour a Van Kirk's historical house, see the Civil war exhibit, touch the muskets, ask questions and simply enjoy a vibrant atmosphere.
The historical oak tree deserved to be on a photo together with history loving children.

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