Friday, May 07, 2010

She is 6 on the 6th!

Here is the B-Day girl! She turned 6 on the 6th!
Leona's wish had been to have a party on the beach, and so the wish came true. We didn't prepare much. I had made the turkey and cheese sandwiches, pasta salad with veggies, fruit salad, cup cakes and juice.
She also had a surprise of having her friends come over and join us on the beach. First, we picked up her best friend, Madelyn. The two were sitting together in the back seat chatting away, giggling, all excited about the prospect of spending a whole day together on the beach! Madelyn birthday gift was also a great one. "Mom, Madelyn got me some Canadian cents and some candy!", Leona announced in the car. And it was only late in the evening when we returned home and I checked in the pouch, that was quite heavy. And the heaviness didn't come from "the cents", it was because of the DOLLARS! Madelyn goes to Canada for vacation every year and she gave her best friend 20 Canadian coin dollars. How great is that!
Then, we had two other families join us, with 11 children total. It was another surprise for the birthday girl!
We had such a wonderful day! In the morning it was a bit cloudy and drizzling, but by the time we got to the beach the sky had cleared and it was warm. We had some gusts of wind every now and then, mostly when we were having lunch and a dessert making things a bit harder to serve everybody, but still trying to keep it fun.
We brought a kite with us , but due to the wind in was hard to bring it up. It was too much wind, who would've thought it could be the case?
Fishing...was another activity that was enjoyed by all. First, Mirek pulled a strange creature...After examining it closer we found out it was a sting ray, without a barb or a sting. When Mirek was pulling it up the sea creature was curled up and was unrecognizable, but after a while it got relaxed and we could all see that it was a sting ray.

A baby brother was wearing girls' necklace and playing with nice boys toys, like this big truck.

Happy emotions of a happy girl!
Cute findings... a jelly fish.
Rude, rude bird-Red Winged Blackbird. It was all over our food! Not afraid at all, sitting on the table, digging in our bags, circling around, basically flapping its wings into out faces!
And that was a catch of the day! 28-30" striped bass! It gave a great fight and , in addition, Mirek got a lot of audience and admirers. Every fisherman's dream!
We sang "Happy Birthday to you!" and gobbled up the cup cakes iced with homemade butter/cream cheese pink icing. Leona was happy to share a secret with everybody, "Do you know what we used to color the icing?..Beet powder!"
On the way back it was quite in the car. Three out of five kids fell asleep instantly, the other two were too tired even to speak.
It WAS a day to remember! Happy birthday, our dear Leona!

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