Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Busy weekend=fat wallet.

When the time is pressing, there is a need to take active actions! Some people were vacationing and resting this past Memorial day weekend. But not us. We were working really hard. All of us!

Trying to raise some extra money for our trip we had spent two days at a local flea market. The girls were selling the toys they no longer play with, Mirek was getting rid of some of the tools he no longer uses, I was trying to sell extra household goods, mostly from a vacation house we used to own.

Sales went well. Mirek was giving great deals to his customers and tools had always been hot items at flea markets. The girls made good money, too. And to boost their sales even more, for the second day I had baked two batches of cookies for them to sell as well.
Ivana was in charge of a "Toy Booth". And both Leona and Milana were hiding from the sun in a "Mom's made on the spot tent out of a blanket", shouting, "Homemade cookies for sale, homemade cookies for sale!".
They were so cute together that people did buy a lot of cookies, one customer came back for seconds and a few people just game them a dollar or some change because they thought the girls were hilarious. They really were! Milana was caught picking her nose while advertising the amazing cookies. Oops... The lady laughed and bought 3 cookies for a $1.oo anyway.

Bake sale yielded $22.00 total. Which, I think , is great! Ivana's toy both earned her around $25 in two days, not bad either.

My stuff was not that popular, but I did sell our two beautiful lamps, rug and 2 pillows set, and a few nick nacks here and there. My favorite moment was when a lady came to look at the dish set. She didn't need any plates, but wanted only cups with sauces. I was selling the whole set (8 dinner plates, 8 dessert plates, a salad bowl, and 4 cups with sauces) for $4.00. I figured that I'll charge her a $1.00 for the cups and sauces, but she handed me $5.00 and said,"Here, take it. I know how much they would cost in the store. I don't want any change." Oh, how kind of her! I was trying to give her a sugar bowl for free, but she didn't need one.

When we came home, the girls were busy stuffing the money into their wallets. It IS ready to burst!

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