Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Spring Concert.

Today was the annual end of the school year spring concert at our homeschool co-op. The program was started by a choir. The theme was Early America and the students did a wonderful job memorizing all the lyrics. "50 nifty United States" was a true hit! The children were so nicely behaved, orderly, signing their melodic songs...and then, it was time for the last song and everything changed! The kids got their baseball hats, younger kids put on glasses and then they were swaying and moving to the beat of a rap song. Everybody loved it!
Milana reciting "Five little monkeys jumping on the bed" while her peers WERE jumping like monkeys on a sleeping bag=bed. Another true hit with everybody!
Leona performing with her class. Here they are reciting haikus (Japanese word puzzles).
Ivana playing her violin. "Cripple creek" accompanied by a mandolin (Mirek playing) and then another solo "3rd Minuet" accompanied by a piano (her teacher playing). Sounded beautifully!
Ivana's art work exhibit.
Leona's art work exhibit.

Remember those boxes the kids were paint spraying and then assembling in the classroom? For the art display all the individual boxes came together and created a unique work of art.
We ended the concert with an International Dinner. There were a lot of dishes. All of them delicious, sophisticated, simply yummi!

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