Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Woodburning display.

And this exhibition symbolises the end of our woodburning class! The kids have enjoyed learning a new art and I have gotten back to woodburning again, after a pretty long break.

The first project we did was creating a unique design folding the paper , kind of like when you cut a snowflake. Everybody followed the instructions but the results were so different and the kids were amazed. Then we traced the designs onto the wooden boxes and got busy learning to handle a hot tool for the first time! It was a great idea to start kind of with an easy project, but still enjoying the process and the result, of course. On the back of the boxes the students woodburned their favorite quotes.

Second stage of learning included choosing an image, carbon tracing it and applying the techniques learned doing the first art project. I did not push them, they were able to make their own choices of the wooden shape and an image to work with and, thus, the display looks so interesting, I think, as all the art works are very different. We have a Dutch floral desigh that a student made to give to her parents for their wedding anniversary, we have a music mini tray that was intended to be for a Mom pianist, we have a butter churn that would be presented as a Christmas gift for a Mom who dreams of having a farm, we have flowers and birds, horses and a butterfly for nature and animal lovers. And , my assistant, another Mom, got to create a mini shelf that she wanted to put in the corner of her kitchen.

I truly enjoyed teaching this class and will totally miss it! I won't miss dragging to the co-op a heavy box full of woodburning equipment every Wednesday, though! Sniff, sniff...

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