Thursday, December 17, 2009

Cookies exchange.

It's that time of the year to add on a couple of extra pounds without feeling too guilty! We had a talent show and cookies exchange at the homeschooling co-op today. Our family performed three pieces. First, Ivana and Leona played a violin/piano duet. Then myself and Mirek played a piano/guitar duet. And, finally, myself, Leona and Milana sang a Czech folk song accompanied by Ivana playing the violin and Mirek the guitar. We were shining like real starts!

The cookies exchange was great, as we got to taste so many yummy creations and even got to bring a bag home. Last year the cookies in the bag did not make it to last till we got home, this year there were more of them and they did last till home. However...Now it's past 10pm and guess who is devouring them while the kids are in the dream land?

My centerpiece on the table was enjoyed by everybody! The ornaments we created with my students during our woodburning class were the center of everybody's attention. With over 40kids at the co-op we had worked hard the make the ornaments on time, even finishing more than half of them today during our last woodburning class, right before our Christmas party. And when every child went home with a personalized woodburned ornament I was very satisfying to see their happy faces.

Monday is a big day! It's the Christmas concert and the art work displays. I will be setting up the table with all the woodburned projects the children made in my class. Can't wait for the pictures?

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