Monday, December 21, 2009

Ice Skating.

That is when a frozen lake can provide a ton of fun! And besides being on the fresh winter air, exercise quite a bit, see the kids try new things and enjoy themselves, it is all for free! When everything and anything is requiring a fee these days, whether you want to go ice skating on a closed in rink, or roller blading, or take the kids to run around and go on the slides in those closed in gyms, we embrace the natural and free ways of spending the quality time together.

We had our friends with their four kids join us for the ice skating fun. And even though Mirek and Tomas cleaned the area for ice skating, the girls were still wondering off and trying to skate on the ice covered with snow, which was very successful, I should admit. And then there was a lot of laughter and joyous sreeming when they were sledding down the hill and making snow angels.

After two or so hours, "the rosy cheeks" were more than ready for hot chocolate and a homemade apple pie.

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