Saturday, December 26, 2009

Hand made gifts.

This year we made a few hand made gifts and I decided to post some pictures. This is the high- light - our family's Nativity Scene. Mirek drew it , cut if from the wood, and I got busy woodburning it. We made four sets altogether, to give to our family and friends, and the last set, for us, Mirek and I stayed up till 3 am the day before Christmas Eve to finish it up.
With the cookies the girls were a great help! Especially the ginger bread cookies. All I had to do for them was to help with the dough part and the rest they were on their own. And with decorating them I did not have to do anything! We made a lemon powdered sugar frosting and the pastry chefs had a blast coming up with their masterpieces.
The photo frame for Leona had been in the works for a long time! I started it a long time ago, and decided it was about time to finish it up for this Christmas. It was a lot of fun to color the woodburned design.
Evan got this animals set. Again, I had fun woodburning it. When the wheels turn they create a cute effect.
And, more woodburning. Each got new personalized ornament this year.
Kids creations. The media this time was the plaster of Paris.
When I was assisting in the art class the kids were painting Van Gough's sunflowers. I got inspired by the young artists' creative projects and decided to make this "Happy Sunflowers" plaster wall decoration. I think it would brighten up an empty spot in any room!
Merry Christmas!

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Anonymous said...

Юлька, я в очередной раз восхищена! Захотелось самой попробовать выжигать по дереву! :-)
Happy holidays, dear!

Julia from NH ;-)