Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Music together.

Mirek loves to play his guitar but could neither find time to practice nor the drive to play it. I have been discovering the joy of piano playing for a few months now and recently we started playing duets. It has been so wonderful and so relaxing to do that and, apparently, we have set up a good example for our girls.
They decided to play the duets from Leona's piano book all by themselves, without me even suggesting it. And, boy, they are having a great time! I love to see how they work things out together, exercise patience for each other and laugh when they finish the tune without any mistakes. This is my dream coming true right before my eyes! I think music is one of the most important relaxation and bringing togetherness "tools". I hope the tradition will grow over the years and everybody will be able to pitch in for our family's band!

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