Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas Concert.

We had our Christmas concert at the homeschooling co-op. And it was just fabulous! This is Leona's group performing their second song, "The Drummer Boy". The kids made the drums in the art class and used them to do a great job drumming to "taaa'ram'pam'pam" on the stage. There is a little girl in a white dress that does not have the drum but feels that she should be on the stage as well. That is Milana! She wanted to perform and there was no stopping her! Leona behaved so professionally and managed not to get distracted by Milana standing next to her and being "helped" to drum with her little puffy toddler's hands.
The choir sang eight carols and the theme was "Christmas Around the World". Ivana got to sing a mini solo from the song "Go tell it on the Mountain". And this year we were treated to a great live music, as the accompaniment was not only the piano, but the violin and the drums as well!
And this is Ivana performing a violin duet with her teacher Mrs.D., accompanied by the piano. I will try to download the video, for now it is just a photo. Out of eight students Ivana is the most advanced student and performed the last. They played "Pachelbel Canon" and " A Scarborough Fair". We could not be more proud of her!

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