Friday, October 16, 2009

October bizzard.

That is how autumn turns into winter overnight when you least expect it! The golden light, the smell of wet leaves, the gentle crisp in their, the no need to bundle up too much... all was gone overnight in the middle of October. We have experienced an early October blizzard, just like in "The Long Winter", a book by L.I. Wilder we have read recently.

Everybody was excited to go outside and play with the snow. It took us some time to pull out all the winter jackets, boots and other accessories. All three of the girls moved up in the "jacket hierarchy" which is a good sign of healthy growth.
The landscape was phenomenal. The trees still haven't lost their foliage and were bravely enduring the added weight of the wet snow. Various shades of green, orange, brown and red looked even brighter as the white covering had created a nice contrast.
We came home refreshed, glowing with rosy cheeks and got to warm our hands and wet feet by the fireplace, settling down to read some books.

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