Saturday, October 24, 2009

A day of rain.

These are the only pictures we took today. And it is such a shame. The Rt. 1 along the coastal Maine is absolutely breathtaking. The pine trees, ocean bays, ocean views, every turn was full of magnificent natural beauty. But the rain kind of spoiled it for us. We were not able to stop and stretch a bit, take a mini walk and enjoy the scenery. The drive was monotonous, but we still tried to make the most of it.

The only time we got out from the car today was a stop at the huge book store. The building used to be a chicken barn that is now a two story book store where there are over 150,000 new, used and rare books. We browsed the shelves a bit and I picked up a book of poems by Robert Louis Stevenson that I wanted to have in our library. Since there were no books by Douglas Reed, Mirek bought the works by Plato. I guess, he really wanted to have this book in our library as well.

And the find of the day was a McGuffy Reader! It might not mean a thing for a lot of people, but for us it does! That was the book that Laura and Mary learned to read from in "The Little House on the Prairie" series. Leona was the happiest! She was sitting in the car and reading, practicing her speller words and recitation, just like in the books we have been reading.

We are hoping the weather will turn around for us tomorrow so we can visit the Fundy National Park and the famous Rocks. For now we are having a great time in the inn in New Brunswick, Canada, playing cards and blind mice.

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