Monday, October 26, 2009

The Bay of Fundy.

The day was so much better today. Better?..No, the day was simply gorgeous! The clouds cleared away by around noon and the sun was treating us with a nice warmth, gentry caressing us on our backs when we were taking a hike in the Fundy Bay.
But before a nice hike we were able to experience a very nice country drive. The views wherever we looked simply took our breath away. The red fields of off season blueberry bushes, the miles of beautiful pastures with animals grazing, the peaceful rolling hills, the vibrant streams, all provided plenty of opportunities to take memorable photos.
The covered bridges are a local specialty. There were a few in each county and some of them are listed as top tourist attraction, here in New Brunswick, Canada.
We took the Bay of Fundy coastal drive today going more north to visit one of the most unique places on Earth. To be precise, the only place on Earth where this tidal phenomenon occurs.

The Hopewell Rocks are the highlight of the whole New Brunswick province. Only here and nowhere else in the world the tide comes and goes twice a day, every day, bringing and taking away water almost four story high. The force of the water is so strong that it was able to create these magnificent structures we are standing next to. They say to fully appreciate and enjoy The Rocks you need to see them at both tides. We were fortunate today to experience them in low tide, hoping to have a high tide experience some other time in the future. Walking around these formations was amazing. We picked up a few rocks that Mirek promised to make necklaces for the girls, got ourselves into a lot of "muddy situations", walked through low and pretty narrow cracks in between the giant rocks, and simply took some time to be in awe of nature's beauty around us.
Being four days on the road, we have covered 1200 miles so far, and even managed to spend a day in a different time zone, Atlantic.
That is quite an impressive achievement taking into consideration the ages of our kids. I was joking today saying that for a single person that kind of vacation would not be a vacation. Too much work, too much hassle, too demanding, too noisy. But Mirek said that he would never switch for the type of vacation that a single person would have. He said that even though we have to do so much more work being on vacation, tending to kids, they make him happy and he would not want to have it any other way.

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