Friday, October 09, 2009

Making papyrus scrolls.

Pleased to introduce the three scribes in training.
We have decided to learn history this year and are following the "The Well Trained Mind" approach. So far we like it and the girls are excited every time we have our history lesson.
Now we are learning about the ancient Egypt. We've learned about the Nile delta and the early history around it. Made red and while pharaoh crowns which came up a bit ugly, but, oh well, we still had good times. Then we traced the map of the ancient Egypt, Sumer and Mesopotamia. read about it, talked about it, looked at the pictures on the web, listened to the story about archaeologists, wrote down the new words we were learning, looked up the hieroglyphs and then decided to make our papyrus scrolls.
On the scrolls they decided to write what they like to do and also all the names of the family members. And Milana was writing her "o's".
I wonder if the girls will be able to "read" their scrolls tomorrow? We'll wait and see...

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