Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Happy in Maine.

When revisiting old places or taking a trip to a completely new destination you always want to have the ultimate traveling experience. I don't know what I like more: to go to the places I have been before and feel the joy of reliving the happy moments of the past, or to go to a new place and experience the rush of unexpected happiness after discovering a beautiful new scenery and living in a new moment. In each situation there is unforgettable, irreplaceable momentum that only a true adventurer can not live without.

During our trip north we were able to experience the new and revisit the place we had been before in our early pre kids dating years. Oh, my, it sounds like we are so awfully old.
We drove by The Acadia National Park and spend a most wonderful day there. The rocks we had climbed before were not covered with the wild blueberries as a few years back due to a different season, but there was another surprise waiting for us. It seemed that the rocks just wanted to meet and greet us! The sky was bluer than blue, the chill in the air was almost unnoticeable, the view down to the ocean from the top was gorgeous. And right by our feet there was a good bunch of ... mushrooms! We picked them up, of course and felt like being at home right away!
As Samuel Chaplain named the island "Mount Desert Island" in 1604 the panorama of shore and sea emerges surrounded by magnificent rocky formations as far as you could see.
A real amazing thing about the area is the only sandy beach. Ivana was very observant and noticed even before we went back up to the board walk and read that the sand was actually crushed shells! The position of the bay and the strength of the waves created the conditions for this sandy beach to come to exist. It was written on the info plaque that the water there was only for the most hardy ones even in the summer, since it mostly stays around 50F.
We were taking the camera from each others hands with Mirek just simply trying to document all these beauty around us. Leaving Maine we were feelling spiritually uplifted and very happy for being able to live our day with our family in a serenity of God's artistic creation.

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