Thursday, April 02, 2009

Painting on the deck.

We are so delighted to see our the tulips and daffodils we have planted back in the fall coming up! We have cleaned the area from the dry leaves and put a bit of mulch to please the eye even more. In preparation for Easter and in order to bring some color before the flowers will bloom, we decorated a tree with rainbow plastic eggs. Looks vibrant! But the major highlight of today was spending our day on the deck. Since the weather is finally improving and it is getting warmer why to stay indoors if we can have it all, the arts and crafts, plus the fresh breeze?
Milana was working on mixing the colors, plus learning how to say them in English. The two older sisters were busy painting the bird houses. We have one hanging in the front porch, but they decided it is not enough. We have been learning a lot about the birds lately and watching the spring activity while having breakfast. They are the most active in the mornings, and Tufted Titmouse is a frequet visitor to our feeder. It is facsinating to observe the birds taking the sunflower seed from the feeder, fly away to the nearest tree and crack it open against he tree truck, and enjoy the treet.

We'll put the feeders up tomorrow, and hopefully more birds will be attracted by the bright colors and we can identify more species.
While I was taking a few pictures of Ivana and Leona working on their projects, Milana managed to give the baby her paintbrush. He is very good with grabing things already, so he definetely seemed to be enjoyjng it before I realized and took it away. Oh, yes, there was still plenty of paint on it. Thank goodness, he was munching on the other end!

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