Friday, March 20, 2009

Playing outside.

It has been a wonderful couple of days in our neck of the woods! The birds are eating away at our feeder, the sun rays are peeping through the clouds, the spring breeze is in the air and we are finally able to spend more time outside! Enough with being hermits! Yei!..

We missed the sun so much that when we got to feel its warm caress on our backs, I literally asked the girls to roll up their sleeves and stretch their arm to get some vitamin D!

We haven't gone all outdoorsy yet, as to bring out the bikes, scooters, sand toys for the lake beach...But one thing was definitely ready to be used, the sidewalk chalk!!! And lots of it!
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The girls started with drawing their houses to live in, as they had done last fall. Then I drew a hop scotch and we played a round all the way to ten! Milana was placing her requests as to what she wanted me to draw for her, and then would get carried away coloring in. This cute chubby little hands holding a big chalk, too cute, I was ready to eat her up!

Then I came up with a genius idea to play an imagination developing game. I would draw a abstract zig zag and they would have to finish it up and draw something out of that curve or a line. We got so carried away, had so much fun, that we didn't notice how far up the street we had moved on the road, away from the front yard of the house. Thank goodness, the street is a cul de sac! They kept on asking me to draw more curves for them, and then started doing it for each other.

Since the baby was sound asleep in the stroller, I just used the moment to spend some fun time with the girls and came up with a "math game", where they'd each throw 10 stones at a grid with numbers, adding them, and whoever came to the highest number was the winner. It was an instant hit! What's more, both Ivana and Leona took off to create their own math mazes , so that we can all play together.

I just love how they invent games so easily! We were outside for a little over two hours, and the time seemed just to pass as few minutes. The box with chalk was almost empty. And when Mirek was coming home after the morning shift, he could see that we had spent quite some time on the fresh air today and used the pavement as a canvass.

The baby was waking up... it was time to head back home to feed him...We are really looking forward to those real spring days! Come on phoebes! Show up! At least that what we had read in our nature book!

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