Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Our mini vacation. Going north...

We were DREAMING about repeating our last spring's family trip to the Florida Keys. Setting this kind of goal in the beginning of winter seemed to help to bare the long, freezing days and fight the winter blues.
But what so typical of our family is that we are very impulsive. Someone might look at it as a bad habit, but we are actually enjoying being out of whack, so to speak, because this kind attitude always brings more adventure.
Since we have Mirek's high school friend visiting us from Europe, we wanted to show him some of the nicest places on the East coast we had previously visited with Mirek. We planned on going to the Niagara Falls, heading towards Boston and coming back along the Atlantic shore and stopping by in Cape Cod. Then we checked out the map and saw that Toronto was very close from the border. I contacted a dear old friend of mine and we had a place to stay. So, instant change of plans.
We really liked Toronto. We went to the CN Tower, which is the tallest building in the world, and cruised for a couple of hours in Royal Ontario Museum , which is the largest museum in Canada. Two major attractions in one day! Not too bad, taking into consideration the " four little tales" we had with us.
Next stop... Boston. Apparently, not so much! After studying the map and calculating the distance it would make no sense to drive there at all. We needed a different plan. Thank goodness for my old address book I happened to throw into my bag the last moment!..

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