Thursday, January 22, 2009

Our young artist.

Milana has been working with various media lately and she has discovered the joy of creating! You could hardly recognize the true colors in that set of water colors she is using. We have to change her clothes a few times a day if she is painting and the stains stay after the washing. A few times the snack she was holding in her hands (like a peeled apple slice or a banana) turned a weird color since the "master artist" did not wash her hands and I had simply overlooked this minor detail. I am absolutely terrified to walk into that room one day and see a huge stain on the rug and that is when we are about to put the house for sale. But it is not important here!
What is important is that she is well occupied when I need some quiet time to explain something to Ivana if we are "doing school", or reading with Leona, or nursing the baby, or making lunch or cooking dinner, or talking on the phone, and the list goes on.

And she has so much fun arranging over and over again the pencils and markers from the set. Half of the markers don't have the caps anymore and she has moved on to mastering her skill of sharpening the pencils. Boy, this child can concentrate!

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