Thursday, January 08, 2009

Frozen beauty.

I've been getting a question like, "How do you do it, taking care of 4 all by yourself?", pretty often lately. And I have neither a straight forward nor a magical answer for this question. Having a family and raising even one child requires constant work, and all I have to say is that having four to look after just needs a bit more work :0) The secret is in the attitude.

And it is a job I don't ask myself about how to do it, I simply do it. It is a job that I don't get paid for with money, but it is a job that I get paid for with smiles, hugs, being able to watch our kids learn and grow day after day, being able to teach them what I know and learn more with them. It is a job that I know will pay me back in the future.

And for me to be able to carry on, moments like I have experienced today are absolutely crucial.

I went for a half an hour walk taking along my best friend, my camera. After the ice storm the nature around me was just breathtaking! The sharp breeze on my cheeks sharpened the sensation of being alive and made me realize once again how blessed I am. I am blessed with the ability to see this frozen beauty around me, hear the cracking of the branches and falling of pieces of ice, feel the cold on my face and the warmth of my body under the jacket. I am blessed to be able to enjoy a few moments of solitude and put my thoughts together, but to know on the other hand that I have a bunch of people waiting for me at home who love me. I am blessed with the ability to appreciate the moment and feel really happy. And who cares there is a pile of dishes (and who knows what else) waiting for me at home. I'll be doing my chores smiling today!..