Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Healing energy of love!

Grandpa (Dedecek, in Czech) left a couple of weeks ago, going back to Europe, after spending fabulous 10 days with us. I meant to write about it and simply boast what a great Dedecek our girls (and now a boy, too) have! The time and energy he devoted to all of us one would say could only come from a person who truly loves us! We so much appreciated having him over and can't wait to see him again!
As we learned today he is down with a flue back home and feels kind of crabby. Too bad we can't cook a fresh chicken broth for him for speedy recovery (you know how they say that chicken soup does healing magic when you are sick and it is a must to have, even if you are a vegetarian!). But I strongly believe that when you are sick what you need the most is the avalanche of positive energy and kind thoughts, so that it sweeps you off your feet, covers you up from head to toe, keeps you snuggled and warm, puts you to sleep and makes you wake up completely healed!
And that is the purpose of this post!

We miss you, Dedecek! Feel better soon! We are thinking about you every day and hoping to see you soon again! We are so blessed to have you! And, yes, the award for "The best Dedecek of the year" goes again to you, for the seventh consecutive year! Congratulations! Your "trophies" keep on growing!

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