Sunday, October 05, 2008

Delaware River.

We came to spend a quiet afternoon by the Delaware River. Mirek was relaxing trying to catch fish, I took my folding beach chair to plunge my oversized body into and grabbed a few buckets and shovels for the girls to play with. Nobody was thinking about swimming because it was getting pretty chilly, but wading in the water was all right with me. And that how the things were progressing... They were nice and clean, wearing pretty dresses and skits, but not for too long, of course.
The as they have discovered mud is not the same as sand, I had to take some measures to save the clothes, and the layers were starting to come off.
The mud was awesome! Wet and heavy, gooey, sticky... Needless to say, they had a blast playing with it! And I just sat there and watched them, jumping off the chair every now and then to catch Milana not to let her fall down onto the mud with her face as it was pretty slippery.
And that was the final result! There was no way skipping the bath time that evening!

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