Saturday, October 18, 2008

Corn people.

There is always an abundance of natural materials in our neck of the woods, but fall always brings extra exciting possibilities to get creative!
It all started with Mirek bringing a bag full of chestnuts from the city. He said he wanted to make animals with the girls using those chestnuts, just like he remembered from his childhood.
Since they didn't get to do it right away, the chestnuts dried up and it was already impossible to stick the toothpicks into them. So, I had to take charge and get the glue gun out!

After a nature walk we had some corn, the girls picked up acorns, moss and sticks in the backyard, I saved the shells from hazelnuts eaten like a few days before. And then we needed some things to jazz it up a bit, so the buttons, beads and pipe cleaners were a great idea.
They were busy making their corn people, and all I had to do was to help them with the gluing part of it. They came up with a few animals, there was a mouse, a squirrel, a caterpillar. But the most fun they had was to make those corn people. They got so carried on, that both of them decided to make those "creatures"for their friends at the coop. And what's more, the next day Leona brought the whole basket full of their creations for her "show and tell" time at the coop.
I know they'll be playing with these new toys for a while. We hardly ever get bored in this house, can't you tell?

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