Sunday, September 28, 2008


What an amazing harvest of mushrooms Daddy and Leona brought home today! It has been raining since morning and we were debating if all of us should go mushroom picking. We decided to let the baby take a nap and then go together. The rain seemed to have stopped, but then by the time Milana woke up it was raining again. I didn't want the little one to get wet and Ivana stayed at home with us to bake cookies and practice her violin.
Leona, on the other hand felt adventurous and joined Mirek for the mushroom picking. Rain coats and rain boots, and off they went to the woods.

A little over an hour later they are coming back all excited and ready to show the harvest and tell all the wonderful stories of going between the trees looking for the mushrooms and seeing tones of salamanders feeding on the worms. Apparently, it was not difficult at all, the mushrooms were so abundant that Mirek was saying it was pretty heavy for him to carry those two bags full of mushrooms back to the car.
And just look at he sizes of them! I grew up picking up mushrooms and so did Mirek, but neither he nor me had seen such huge ones! We measured the largest head in diameter, and it was 20cm. We put the biggest one on the scale, and the weight of that giant was 430 grams, which is so close to a pound! Just phenomenal!
Well...with all that produce we had to get busy and process it! The girls were cutting excitedly, and Mirek and myself were working on preparing the mushrooms for jarring and dehydrating.
Too bad you can't smell the awesome aroma of the dehydrating mushrooms in the house right now!
We are getting ready for the winter like in the old times! To do it together is a lot of fun!I think we'll be going back to the woods on Tuesday after Mirek comes home from work. This time Ivana doesn't want to stay at home and she'll eagerly give up baking cookies for mushroom picking!

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