Wednesday, October 22, 2008


I got such a surprise today!
Yesterday evening I was checking my email and found our that I would not have even one free period at the coop. I usually teach the first period, then aid during the second, now on top of everything I would have to substitute for the third period due to the teacher absence. Then comes lunch and after that I again aid in the art class and the final period is Ivana's violin lesson that I have to be present at. So, no breaks for me! Oh, yes, and the cleaning duty! I was OK with that since I don't like to be treated as handicapped when pregnant and like the feeling of being involved.
And apparently, my third period substitution had been arranged on purpose and I later found out why! Ta-da! I thought nobody throws a surprise baby shower when you are having your forth one! And I got one!
I was so touched by all the effort, attention, warm wishes, gifts and support that there are no words to express myself!
I am so glad I'll have a few photos to remember all that special time that was meant only for me! Thank you all!

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