Saturday, October 25, 2008

Millbrook Village.

Today it was a day to grab a good book and stay under a blanket, or pick a nice recipe and bake a cake, or watch a funny movie cuddled warm under covers. But, I promised the girls to take them to this Historic Fall Celebration, which happens in the Millbrook Village, preserved and run by the Historical Society of NJ. They were looking forward to it, and I didn't want to disappoint them. So, we went...
Due to the weather, I guess, it was not crowded at all, which made the event so pleasant since we didn't have to worry about loosing the kids in the rooms, it was held indoors, so the rain was not an issue at all.
The fun part I thought was their idea to let the kids dress up in the clothes from 18oo's and then have a little contest. Well, the volunteers at the event were all dressed up appropriately. But, it seemed to me that only I remembered the dress up part for the kids. Anyway, the girls got a lot of compliments and attention from people at the event, and what's more, we got all three places, the first, the second and the third! Besides bringing home all their crafts , we got three new sets of Crayola color pencils!
We did potato stamping last year at home with fabric paints, but they had fun decorating paper bags, book marks and envelopes this year as well.
Paper plate masks... they wanted to be pussy cats. Meow, meow... Leona made hers and I did one for Mimi. They also painted pumpkins, made mini ghosts from cheese cloth and starch water, created leaf rubbings masterpieces on the color paper.
One new things we were able to do was the apple carving. We took home two apples with faces carved on them. We'll have to wait for at least two weeks to let them get dry and then we'll make dolls.
We had a nice time at the Village and we'll try to make it for their Christmas celebration in December.

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