Thursday, December 13, 2007

Walking in the snow.

I was looking forward to Mirek's coming home today as I was planning to go for a walk. It had been snowing since morning, the big puffy flakes coming down in a steady pace covering the roads, the houses, and the trees. I looked up to see the sky in our ceiling window, but all there was, a light gray blur of dancing snow flakes.

My plan suggested that I was going to go alone. Yes, alone, as I've been in such am urgent need of "me time". I needed to go out there and enjoy the tranquility and the charm of the snow that started to sparkle as it was getting dark already, days are too short, you know. I wanted to walk in a fast pace, clear my head a bit and pull myself together. Due to the current circumstances I've been neglecting my needs, and it was about time to do something about it. I am not too much in love with myself right now.

Devouring chocolate by the bars (85% cacao of my favorite Lindt brand) stopped working wonders with that of releasing of the chemicals into my brain to give me the fake sense of euphoria. Yesterday, I was down on the floor playing with Milana and watching older sisters go nuts jumping from the sofa (some exercise on a cold day!). My shirt rolled up and the part of my stomach got quite exposed. With all the fun that Ivana was having she had to stop and ask me, "Mom, are you having another baby?" What?.. I haven't realized it was that bad! Got to start doing my pull ups! SOS!
Today she threw another bomb at me, "Mom, why is you face so grumpy?"

So, going alone for a walk did not happen! Initially, Mirek wanted to stay with the girls by the house and let them play with the snow and go sledding on the septic hill in the back of our property. But the crew could not leave me alone!
All of us decided to go for a walk to the lake and check out our beach with all that snow! There were so many giggles, laughter, rolling and jumping, snow angels making and sliding down the hill on the butts. The playground was the biggest hit. Since Ivana and Leona discovered that going on that plastic slide wearing the polyester snow pants was so much fun, they were racing each other going up the steps! Their speed was phenomenal and they were falling faces down into the snow. Lots of giggles and laughter again.
Milana was bundled up and looked so cute in her pink snow suit. Good that she still fit into the baby backpack.
And at the end I was glad that I wasn't alone, that I saw them having so much fun. The fact that I was able to make a few pictures, to preserve those memories of our family staying together, to save them for my future photo books, was a great bonus as well.

I guess I'll have to postpone the "me time" for some other day...

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