Saturday, December 08, 2007

"Stained glass" craft.

I've been wanting to do this really cool "stained glass" project with the girls for a long time. We've had the crayon shavings ready for a while, and the other day I came across wax paper that we needed to do the project. So, I decided to finally do it with them.
We noticed that the intensity of color of our final "stained glass" shape was affected by the amount of crayon shavings and the length of time we had to press the wax paper with the hot iron. More shavings, richer color, but the longer we held the iron, the messier it came up since the colors were blending together too much and becoming one ugly brown/gray mess.
But we quickly got the hang of it, and were counting to ten while holding the iron over the shavings. I let Ivana handle the iron as well, and she was doing fine. She was very excited to see the final results. We had three shapes, a Christmas tree, a Christmas ball, and a Christmas light, that both of them helped me to arrange into the garland.
Having the garlands hung in the windows of our craft room was a great idea, since it is the room with the most sun shining during the day. Oh, it looks so beautiful when in the afternoons the sun rays play a game and bring the colors out. Don't you think?..

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Desiree said...

They turned out beautifully! Also on my to do list. Have you tried making stained glass cookies with chopped up hard candies? We did this one last year and it was so much fun and the kids really liked it.