Monday, December 24, 2007

On Christmas Eve.

We spent a wonderful day together and enjoyed each other in a close family circle.
Celebrating the Christmas Eve the traditional Czech way, with fish and potato salad. The only thing is that we are a bit too spoiled and do not eat carp, as people in the Czech Republic, but rather go for a tastier choice of red snapper. Yum...

And, of course, a lot of cookies. I never bought the store dough, it's just no fun at all. As I never liked to cut corners, I usually do things the more difficult way. And I take baking cookies seriously. Every year I try to make new varieties, and this holiday season is no exception. But the snowballs with toasted hazelnuts are my absolutely favorite!
We also took some family pictures with our Christmas tree as a background. It's Milana's first Christmas and all the girls looked so beautiful in red!
Tripod comes in handy! Merry Christmas from all of us!
As for the presents... This year we got something wonderful for a Christmas gift. It's something that all our family will enjoy in the years to come, I hope. But I will not reveal the secret yet. It will be delivered on Saturday, so be patient and you'll know what it is! So, we put the sales receipt under.
But we still wanted to get something for the girls to open up, so Ivana and Leona couldn't wait for the evening (remember, we do it the European tradition, on the Eve). Each of them got two books and also two crafts to do. Still wearing their holiday outfits, they got busy right away. Leona was working on her mirror, and Ivana was painting her tea set.

And both me and Mirek got gifts that the girls had made for us, paintings, cards, hand made books and Christmas tree paper ornaments. Priceless!

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Desiree said...

Merry Christmas Julia! Looks like you had a wonderful celebration. We have to catch up soon.