Friday, December 14, 2007

Decorating the house for Christmas.

I remember making colorful paper chains with my sister when we were little and used to decorate our apartment for New Year's and Christmas.
As I am always on a lookout for inexpensive activities that require some imagination and using the resources around the house, I thought of teaching the girls to make the paper chains. Construction paper, scissors, glue ... off you go!
They cut the paper into the stripes, and since the stripes do not have to be perfect they were going fast. We found out that our construction paper was a bit on a heavy duty side, that's why the white glue did not really hold the links together. They had to press for a few seconds in order for the sides to stick together. I had to come for a rescue with my, what do you think, of course, the hot glue gun! And then it went fast! They were racing each other who was going to make the longest chain. As we had decided to keep the color pattern, I had to remind them to pick the right strip of paper that follows in the order.
And these are our Q tip snowflakes. Mirek was astonished, to say the least! He said that we had always been making a lot of wonderful and catchy crafts, but ... THESE????? He thought that our snowflakes looked horrendous and were a big waste of precious Q tips. (A short secret to share... he has a thing about Q tips. He can't live without them! They have to be of a certain quality, very sturdy, so that he can clean his ears after taking a shower to make sure there is no water left there.)
And I still think that our snowflakes look cute ...
And that's what Milana is usually doing while we are busy creating. I give her a big box with markers and she learns her colors! Heheheh...Maybe five or ten minutes of her not hanging onto my legs, pulling on the table cloth of our craft table, or playing with the wire of the hot glue gun. She just doesn't want to miss out on anything. She wants to see what we are doing. Don't worry, my little one, you'll be joining us before you know it!

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