Thursday, February 04, 2010

Playing with coffins?..

There is too much to read, learn and discover about the ancient Egypt. Today we read about the two famous pharaohs and learned the reasons why they became famous in the world history. Amenhotep, for his idea of refusing to worship many gods and pronouncing monotheism in the time of his rule, and then Tutankhamen, for his efforts to erase the existence of the previous pharaoh and make sure the polytheism was back, plus the amazing fact of his tomb discovery and the priceless treasures found in his burial chambers.

As a craft activity we made the clay mummies, wrapped them in linen and made sure there was a place to put the mommies in. That are... the coffins!
I had to laugh today...When I was busy doing my chores and the girls had free time I checked up on them and inquired about what they were doing. "Oh, Mimi is playing with her mummy and we are playing with our coffins". Ah? Just take this out of the context and it might sound as a case of child abuse. Smile...

Then we felt like getting a party started. We had to celebrate King Tut's burial and be happy for him to go to afterlife. That was Leonka's suggestion. Playing Peruvian music did not spoil the fun as the beat was great and we all got to dance!
Hopefully we will be able to make it to King Tut's exhibit in NYC that is coming up this April. They are advertising it as the lifetime opportunity to see the magnificent treasures. Also, they are saying that that is the last time the exhibit is visiting the North American continent.
And the youngest scholar got to play with the sphinx and other Egyptian figurines we have at home. Before you know it he'll be joining our learning crew!

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