Sunday, February 14, 2010


The girls have been invited to a party! It was a Valentine's Tea Party and the guests had been asked to dress in their best and were presented with a etiquette lesson on how to drink tea in a proper manner. Here they are patiently waiting for the rest of the guests to arrive. Meanwhile, I was taking the pictures and was absorbing the beauty and elegance of the place. The tea sets were something! No ugly mismatched mugs, but charming tea cups with saucers simply stole my heart!
Everybody was asked to bring a plate to share. I think it is so clever, as everybody gets to contribute and it does not become too much of a burden on a hosting family.
Leona was sitting next to her best friend, Madelyn, waiting for her to take a first sip of tea, as it is polite to do that at an official tea party.
And then our little gentleman got his chance to sit next to the hostess and drink his tea. There were no broken tea cups, just some spilled tea, soggy cookies and napkins dunked into the tea, or some cloudy liquid that used to be tea at some point. Smile!

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