Tuesday, February 09, 2010

It's Valentine's!

In preparation for the Valentine's celebration at the co-op we have worked so hard today!
I was in the store the other day to pick up a few things and also almost bought new supplies for the Valentine cards making and decorations for the house. But then I left everything in the store and decided to pull out the craft boxes and the draws at home and see what we still have left to work with this year.

Since recycle mania is a hit in our family we started right from there. First, the girls needed boxes/containers to collect the Valentines in school. So, this year they were excited to do the mod podge technique. The containers I have saved from honey we buy on the local farm were for Ivana and Leona to work with. And the empty box after the Qtips was a great idea to let Milana try to make her own creation as well. We cut out the hearts from the gift paper I always safe, and then a few red roses from the napkins my Mom in law brought all the way from Europe where you can buy single napkins with various designs especially sold for people to use them for mod podge. Some red ribbon was a great addition to the container.

And then we needed to make the Valentines for their friends. Last year they had their boxes full of cards, handmade and bought, candy and chocolates, cookies and stickers. This year we decided to make bracelets. That would be for the girls, and the boys would get handmade mini cards.
I helped them with crocheting the bracelets, they did all the beaded ones and then we arranged them into mini purses. With now the three of them doing all the things it took time to make sure all their friends would get the Valentines. Even Milana kept on talking and being all excited about how she would give the Valentines to her friends!

We decided to make them kind of with a little secret, because the friend would not know who the Valentine was from unless they open up the heart.
I still have to bake a dessert to share... And it started to snow... The party could be postponed until next week :(

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