Monday, February 01, 2010

Discovery Museum.

When it is too cold outside, then it is time to look for some fun things to do indoors. And when going up north for a mini trip turns out to be the coldest spell of the season, then to find some local activities to do with kids is a must. Otherwise, what memories would the little ones have of the trip? "How was it up in Maine?" . "Oh, we didn't like it up there. It was too cold!".

After visiting one farm we have had enough of bitter winds blowing into our faces, so we stayed the second half of the day in the motel room. Our activity bag from home came in handy, the laptop and the free internet in the motel were great as well since we were able to call our family oversees!

The next day we decided to visit a Discover Museum. We were kind of not sure what it would be about. Actually, we did have an idea of what we thought a discovery museum should be about. Well, it was not what we thought it would be. And we still made the best out of it. In a way, it was a three floors playground for the kids. Divided into thematic sections for the kids to run around and "discover". The nature learning mini center was downstairs, where the girls were climbing into a raven's nest, a beaver dam, explored the river system of Maine by making their hands wet in the water works display.

Singing in the recording studio was fun. We could see them on TV and Mirek was a recoding professional. The girls would take turns to come out the studio and look at each other on the screen. Our family made a lot of noise in the drumming corner.
My favorite was the play kitchen. The girls were cooking away, taking orders and Milana could not stop admiring her dessert plate, arranged by her older sister.
I was so amazed at the fabric pretend food at the kitchen. It was SO CLEVER! I couldn't stop admiring it and snatching pictures, bedazzled at how come I hadn't come up with this idea myself! I asked at the frond desk about this play food and was told that a lady that worked for the museum had made it and donated it to the play kitchen. How clever! I am so inspired! I can't wait to make our own food! We have tried the salty play dough before. The food turned out great, but then the babies were munching on them for real, a lot got broken and kind of disappeared.
We are in need for new play food, and Mimi's birthday is coming up. I'd better roll up my sleeves and get to work!

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