Friday, November 20, 2009

Our turkeys.

We have started to decorate our house for the Thanksgiving celebration. Everybody is so excited because we are planning on having a lot of good food and a great time! And it will be even more fun because we have our friends coming over and staying for a sleep over. And they, too, have three girls and a boy! So, we will have to extend our table and pull out more chairs!
After going for a walk today we brought a bunch of natural materials to work with. As soon as we got home, the glue gun got pulled out and put to be heated. The girls, including Milana, got in charge of making the turkey tails, while I was trying to figure out what to use from what we had picked up to put it together so it remotely resembles the famous bird.
The recycled cardboard paper, some glue (well, in Milana's case quite a lot of glue!), feathers and the tails came up simply perfect! Almost authentic! We read a book about how the wild gobblers have a beard, and the longer the beard the older the bird. They agreed with me to use the red leaf instead of a piece of red paper even though it would wilt a bit overnight. The acorns turned out perfect for the heads, sticks for necks and legs. But the highlight of the turkey we think are the wings! As we used the pine cones for the body the birds looked a bit too skinny, and the dried up milkweed pods were the detail we needed. Now our turkeys looked quite puffed up!
We have put five of them hanging on our lamp that we have above the table. So, it is kind of a center piece. I shouldn't forget to dust the chandelier before the dinner, it happened to draw a lot of attention now. And Mirek's reaction was quite an interesting one. "Oh, I guess I'll have to learn to like our new lamp decoration now", said he. Gobble, gobble, gobble...

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