Friday, November 13, 2009

Favorite spot right now.

When the cold days are lurking in it's time to enjoy the indoor activities. With the fire going every day everybody's favorite spot right now is the comfortable chair we bought almost for nothing on a garage sale a few years ago. It is serving well by the fire place.

Leona is doing such a great job reading all by herself. She picked up a book and was mumbling to herself, reading page after page, before I distracted her with my videotaping and picture taking. Her older sister was right there to encourage her and make sure Leona was reading the words correctly.

And, climbing on that chair has become Evan's baby gym activity. He loves to tap on the fish tank and enjoys seeing the fish go frantically in circles. Pulling on the lamp is a lot of fun for him as well. When a few light bulbs went into the garbage in a course of just a few days after Evan learned to play with the lamp side table by shaking the bits out of it, we had to move the lamp on to the higher ground.

I have been enjoying my piano practices. And today I was lucky to experience a double pleasure. That would be playing some new music and... getting a head massage and a wonderful hairdo by Ivana. She took the picture, too. Maybe soon you'll see more of me on the blog! A shot of my back IS a start!

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