Friday, May 08, 2009

A wish list.

With the Mother's Day quickly approaching I have a long list of wishes! I want a bouquet of wild flowers, I want a box of chocolates, I want a good nap, I want a massage, I want a poem dedicated to me, I want a new book, I want a violin, I want a writer's notebook, I want a sunny day, I want a trip to the ocean beach, I want a lot of hugs and kisses and my family telling me how much they love me... The list can go on and on. But I'd rather stop here, because I have skipped my "the most wanted" on my wish list.

The thing is that we all have our own places at the table , so we all kind of have our chairs. They are all from the same set, some are more stained and scratched than the others, but that is not the point. The point is that MY chair has been slightly handicapped for a while already. The screws had gotten lose and the padding comes off easily and if you are not careful your butt goes right in when you are trying to sit down, unsuspectingly. For a while I mean here for over a month! Yep... every time I am trying to grab a seat, always the last one at the table (I don't think I need to explain here why), I need to fix the cushion before plunging on it. That kind of trained me to sit slowly and graciously, just like a lady! See, you can find a positive aspect in just about anything in your life. It's all in your attitude!

And so my wish is to have my chair repaired! No golden jewelry or diamonds. A very humble wish...

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