Thursday, May 21, 2009

An ocean of white.

"Look, Mom has a monkey on her head!"
This trick still works to get those smiles!.. Milana's laugh just tickles!

One week it was a sea of yellow, and the following week it was an ocean of white!

It is green everywhere. The trees are boasting with brand new leaves. To see that ocean of green against the blue morning sky as far as my eyes reach is enough to lift my spirits up if I am feeling gray.
But I miss daffodils. It just dawned on me yesterday and I realized that the happy yellow blobs of color on a brown floor, covered with lifelessness of last year's leaves are gone... I miss daffodils, as they were the first sign of spring, the first sign of warmth, the first sign of hopes for the summer.
And now the dandelions are gone, the tulips are gone, the lilacs are gone. But the bulbs of rhododendron plants are getting fuller day by day and will be blooming before you know it. So there is something to be looking forward to. And that is great, because I always need to be looking forward to a new something in my life.

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