Tuesday, May 19, 2009

"The Big Race"

I am saying my goodbyes to the drama class I have been teaching for two years at the homeschooling co-op. Even though I had a lot of fun with the kids through out the year, and this class was the favorite among the kids as well, I think I am ready to kind of move on.
This is our final production. We put up a play , "The big race", a nice story about a turtle and a rabbit betting each other on who was going to win the race. I had a nice group of kids to work with and had an absolute blast making those costumes! That is always so satisfying for my creative mind! I usually have a rough idea in my head, and once I start creating the costumes I get carried away! We had two birds, a deer, a turtle, a black squirrel, a fox, a monkey and a rabbit.
None of our girls were in my class, but they helped me with the costumes at home.
Next year I'll be teaching woodburning for the 5th graders and up, and world geography for 3-4th graders. Kind of excited about that!..

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