Friday, February 20, 2009

New art lesson this week.

Today we had a lot of fun with the girls doing our weekly art lesson. We moved from Impressionism to Expressionism. After doing some research on line about the movement, we found out that Wikipedia had a nice write up and plenty of art works to view. It was a bit difficult for the girls to understand, but after we read it and then I tried to explain it in my own words, in simple language, they seemed to start enjoying the art work and expressing their opinions about what they were seeing.
We stopped on two artists. They decided to chose a German artist, Franz Marc, and a Russian one, Wasilii Kandinsky. Ivana wanted to draw horses and Leona went with the "clock" and wanted to work with construction paper, cutting shapes of different colors and arranging them in free patterns. At the end, she ended up drawing horses as well.
I had some fun myself and tried to encourage them to use bright, bold colors in their art work.
Outlining everything with a black oil pastel worked out great, as it created sharper images. We've been using oil pastels a lot lately and definitely developing a preference.
Milana was busy cutting and gluing for her own art work, and then was helping us to peel off the paper from the pastels.
We had a great time together! I asked the older girls what they were trying to express with their art creations, and both said that it was about freedom. Ivana named her painting "Horses, running to freedom".

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