Monday, March 09, 2009

Making our own flour.NOT!!!

The ad says, "Grind wheat, rice, oats, barley, non-oily seeds, and spices. Adjustable from fine to coarse texture. Great for fresh whole grain flours or cracked grain cereals. Precision stainless steel burrs for long life. A sturdy, compact mill that out performs larger, heavier hand grinders. Grinds about a 1/2 cup of fine flour or a 1 cup of coarse flour per minute."

Obviously, I wanted it! And even being priced at $69.00, which I thought was a bit high for our budget, I decided to purchase such a wonderful hand mill! NOT!!!

I had been waiting, basically counting the days, for that brown UPS truck to deliver our tool and 35 lb sack of wheat. My hands were just burning with excitement and my mouth was already watery in anticipation of those baked goodies that could come ONLY from freshly ground whole wheat flour!

And the truck came, and the sack was heavy, and the mill was attached to the counter top, and the girls were going around not wanting to wait even a second to start making the flour! All right, ready... the mill is in place ...set ...the wheat is place ...go...! In a minute we are going to have one cup of that "tan gold" to make our family a breakfast! NOT!

A minute had turned into 5, then 10... there was no 1 cup, not even a table spoon! I am calling Mirek to come downstairs to check the mill, hoping that there was something I have overlooked and it IS going to be corrected instantly and we ARE having the waffles from the freshly ground whole wheat flour for breakfast! NOT!

The good news was that there was nothing I had overlooked, so it did make me feel a bit better. The bad new was that that thing does not work! It just does not grind the grains! That little streak of flour coming down into a bowl was too much work force of the entire family participating! We had to leave the mill for the whole day and there was a new rule in the house! Every time somebody was passing by the mill to go to a bedroom or bathroom you HAD to give that mill a few rounds to make some more flour. Well, I could sense right away that with that speed we would never have that 1 cup of freshly ground whole wheat flour!

So, my hands were burning with pain now and the frustration was building up. Dangerous combination! I put such hopes into that tool, I spent my time looking it up, reading about it, ordering it and paying for it, to just get all that disappointment! It reminded me again about that pencil sharpener that I bought back in the fall, that after opening the packaging it really never worked! I was angry!

I just don't get it! With this trendy "green living" they make us feel bad and guilty for using those plastic bags in the supermarket, or for producing so much garbage when they wrap everything in million plastic layers, or for driving an SUV and wasting so much gas (what am I supposed to drive with a family of 6?), etc, when there are so many things being produced that simply DO NOT work! Talk about real waste of energy, resources and money!

I guess I will still have to keep on searching for that "perfect hand mill", since the electrical one is the least preferred by me. Oh, and another deceit! It is not stainless steel, as says on the box, it is made from aluminum. Why did they have to lie so much? I feel cheated...

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