Thursday, February 19, 2009

Our little guy.

Our little guy is three months old and we just can't have enough of him!
He has brought so much more joy to our already pretty joyful lives, that life without him seems to be illusive. He filled our hearts with more love, laughter and happiness that they are bigger than big!
Ivana wants to have another 2 brothers so that our family is well balanced. Leona plays and sings to him like the best big sister. She also likes to play with his ears, folding them to make him look like "Cheburashka". Well, when he is big one day and has big floppy ears we'll know whom to blame.
And Milana wants him to play with her dolls so she keeps on putting one or two by him every now and then, and she thinks he really needs to have glasses on, so she is putting the pink ones on his cute little face every day with a determination of a 2 year old.
Mirek loves to talk to his son, and it seems that it is pretty mutual as Evan is screaming from joy when with his Tata.
Life everyday with our kids is a true blessing!

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