Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Saga of the sick.

I personally don't like to read about other people being sick. I sympathize with them, but I always seem to start looking for the symptoms and that drives me nuts! But ... my hands are itchy and I need to vent... So, here we go.

Saga of the Sick, Part 1.

It all started on Saturday. First the baby had come down with a fever. No big deal, I thought! Her immune system, not being compromised by all that immunization, would get rid of the bug right away and she'd bounce right back. For two days in a row, her fever was pretty high, and all she wanted to do was to be held. No problem, who would not want to hold a baby, especially when she is co cute? But I had to hold her, all the time, all day long! That means no bathroom or lunch breaks, or even a little stretching exercise to let the circulation going.

Saturday I was fine, I held her, looked into her sunny face, kissed her chubby feverish cheeks when she was sleeping in my arms, even though my arms were numb, and my stomach grumbling. But since two older sisters were fine, I would use them to be my little "bus girls", with "bring me this" and "bring me that" kind of stuff.

Next day , which was a Sunday, Mirek took the big girls to a birthday party, and I stayed at home with the still sick baby. It was a bit tougher not to have my little angels to help me out, so I surrounded myself with snacks, drinks, got comfortable in a chair holding Milana and took charge of the guys' thing called "the remote control". And the TV marathon had started!

I got stuck on the Discovery Health Channel, and watched almost all episodes of "Mystery Diagnosis" of which I had not been aware before. The things I learned! Who knew that Tetanus is actually a very rare disease! Then I had a question, why do they vaccinate the babies that don't even walk against that illness! Apparently, way before, when the people lived with cattle and walked bare feet or were wearing very flimsy shoes, Tetanus was pretty common. As the people were exposed to animal feces, had wounds on their feet and there were no proper antiseptics to clean the affected area. Nowadays, animals live in the barns, we have thick soles on our shoes, and the antiseptics are widely available. So, even if you step on a rusty nail, with proper cleaning the wound area, your chances of getting Tetanus are slim to none.
Anyway, it was a little "extra", now back to my saga...

Sitting non stop in that chair with the baby, made things a bit more challenging for me. My soft spot was getting flatter than flat, and numb, and I was in a desperate need of some fresh air and sun!Plus, I felt like I had just graduated from medical school and had completed my residency program, so my brain needed to digest the overwhelming stream of medical information!

It was only on Monday, that I was able to get out! But... by then Leona had gotten sick and was running a high fever as well. The need for me to go for a little walk in the nature had become a critical emergency, since I knew that she'd be sick for some time, plus, who knows who would be next! I took Ivana for a little walk in the neighborhood. We were gone for a little over an hour, and before going home I stopped in the driveway to catch some sun rays on my face, enjoying the warmth and the brightness... Trying to recuperate for the last two days spent in a sitting position, getting mentally ready to do more of the sitting, but trying to chase those thoughts away and truly enjoy the moment. The Moment did not last for too long... Weee, screeched the front door, "So, are you coming, oh what?", was my dear husband's greeting. "No, I don't want to... but I am coming", was my reply.

Tuesday brought even more challenges, as now it was Mirek's turn to get the bug. As if it wasn't enough for us to deal with, sleepless nights and all...

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