Saturday, March 29, 2008

Family vacation.

We have had one of the most amazing family vacations EVER! Without too much planning, we decided to take off and go south to get some so needed vitamin D. We drove to Florida Keys and were camping on Fiesta Key!
There is so much to write about our trip! I don't know where to start! But I think some of the numerous picture that we've taken will help with with telling it all with our too much words.
Sunsets by the water are just nature's wonders! Every day there was a masterpiece on the sky!

Sleeping in the tent was everybody's favorite! After running around for the whole day there was no need for a bedtime story, they were out in a flash.

We were able to create such a wonderful program for everybody to enjoy our family time together to the fullest. We went to the Theater Of The Sea and saw a Dolphin Show and a Sea Lion Show, which were great, beside other wonderful exhibits there!

We took a day trip and drove all the way to Key West. The first stop was at the Key Lime Pie factory. Yam! Then we headed to the Butterfly Conservatory, and then visited Ernest Hemingway's residency. A perfect day ended by spending the rest of the sunny time at the beach, the southernmost point in the continental USA and enjoying a beautiful sunset.

We went to John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park and took a glass bottom boat to the reefs. Beautiful clear blue water and great visibility were spectacular.

Mirek went deep sea fishing on a boat at night, and we had a yummy fish lunch the next day.

Days at the Atlantic beach were very relaxing and lots of fun for the girls. Ivana enjoyed playing with the waves, and Leona was picking the shells to make necklaces when we'd come back home.

Taking walks in the mangrove forest and observing the wildlife was a lot of fun for the kids. Milana was so alert about what was happening around her and enjoyed herself tremendously.

Second part of the trip we devoted to the Everglades National Park and on the way to the other camp ground on the Gulf Coast took an air boat ride and visited Micosukee Indian reservation. Going so far away and having such an eventful time wasn't so very overwhelming for us since we are a great team. Who said you can't take a 1 year old camping?

We came home relaxed, tanned, happy, full of great memories and things learned not ready for a snowy day in the Poconos.

Shall we move down to the Keys? We have fallen in love...

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