Thursday, March 06, 2008

Saga of the sick, Part 2.

We are never prepared to be sick in our house. With trying to lead a healthy life style, I always hope that we'll be getting sick on very rare occasions. That means that we don't have medications stocked up and and that was the time when I wished they had.

Mirek came down with a flu so rapidly, that at first I didn't believe him. I though he was simply pulling my leg, which he is so capable of doing. But then looking into his puppy eyes, it was unmistakable, he was not joking around. So, the thicker clouds had gathered above MY head. It meant I was alone on a battle field, no fun.

It was already evening... and you know when kids are sick you dread the nights the most! Mirek was good for nothing, since he was laying on the sofa and moaning. He said moaning was helping him a bit. He had a splitting headache, join pains and a rising fever. Well, it is a known fact that husbands are so much worse than babies when come to being sick.

He was in so much pain and he needed to take some kind of medication for pain. I ran to my ugly (yes, it's an ugly plastic container that I hide away and rarely take out) medication supply box in search of something for him. And guess what... nothing. I didn't have anything! I asked him if he'd have Advil or Tylenol in his car. Nope, negative. I searched in our both First Aid Kits (why don't they put Tylenol or something there?). Nope, negative. It was too late to drive to the closest CVS, as it closes at 9pm, and it was way past that. And the other closest was who knows where. In the times like that I really miss leaving in the city! Mountains suck!

Anyway, I started thinking, thinking. The only thing we had was the medication Mirek's Mom brought over and left after her visit something like 4 years ago. It was a Czech medication, so Mirek knew it and it was a bigger dose of the ibuprofen. I wasn't sure, but decided that that was the last resort. He was getting worse by the minute, and was not even able to sleep. He had become delirious and was moaning continuously. Later he told me that he was afraid to close his eyes because he was seeing nightmares. One he remembered clearly, being in a warehouse and all the cardboard boxes were falling on him and burring him alive.

So, I offered him to take the pills that had expired 4 years ago. Now, why did I still have them? Because we rarely use any and I just didn't care to check the box! Well, he said that probably nothing would make him feel any worse and that he would take them. Tada! I mean, I knew that the expiration date is only a factor to tell you that the medication would be less potent, that's all, but it is not "spoiled". But expired for 4 years! I was not sure about that. We had no choice! The next morning we were laughing and were glad that expired medication let Mirek feel a bit better to be able to fall asleep at least that night.

In the morning the first thing was to drive to the CVS and get some fresh medications.

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