Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Music Class.

It has been such a wonderful year for us at the coop. Initially I was reluctant to sign Leona up for classes, since she is only three and paying two tuitions was not on the budget. But the coop coordinator had persuaded me and I decided to give it a try, anyway, I could just let her be in the nursery if she was not enjoying herself in the classes.

But she HAS! And loving every minute of it! She has a math class in the morning where they use Montessori kind of manipulatives. Then she has a story time class. We read at home at lot, but anyway, I guess it is good for her to listen the stories from someone else as well. And the teacher was telling me that she is the most attentive student in the class. No wonder!

The highlight is the music class, where the kids get to dance around, play with the musical instruments and sing along. I have observed the class, and it is pure fun time!

After lunch she gets to go to the phonics class, where they get to learn a letter and do a related craft activity. Again, we do all of it at home, and the teacher was telling me to consider advancing her to K class for next year, since she knows all of that. But she likes it and seems not to be bored in the class. The craft activity is her favorite.

And then, after the gym, they get to have a play dough class! Now, that's a real treat! They get to make all crazy fun things out of play dough. When I peeked through the window to see what the kids were doing, they were so cute making different animals, pretend playing and giggling together.

A am glad that I have made a right decision in September as I see how much she likes to be "a big girl, who goes to school" now.

Today I was asking her what's her absolutely favorite class. Not even thinking a bit, she replied that is was LUNCH. "Why?", I asked her.
"Because I like to eat very much, I get really hungry", said my daughter.

Here is the "proof" of my blabbing how much she loves it! HEHEHEHE....

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