Friday, January 25, 2008

We are ready!

And so, we are ready to go to our first Science Fair tomorrow! The exhibit is done, and it is not past midnight! Wohoo! We were pretty productive this time and have completed the task even before the deadline! The sign "Entomology" will be placed on the table cloth that will be covering our half of the table.
This is the main poster with 10 insects on it and the hand written information about them. The boxes are hand made as well, from the recyclable materials as I blogged in my previous post.
And this is our additional poster about the metamorphosis that the dobsonfly goes through. Our real dried up dobsonfly is missing one of the mandibles ( a fancy word for pincers!), but it is still makes a great display.
Well, wish us luck tomorrow. I am hoping to bring at least a ribbon for participation for our exhibit!
A little hint: you can click on the photo to see the enlarged and detailed image.

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Katia said...

Wow, you guys have a lot of big bugs in your area. Especially ants :).