Friday, January 04, 2008

Homemade play food.

I never have to worry about those announcements about the toxic elements in children's toys, watch closely for the new recalls, and waste my time running to the store to get the money back. As I've been blogging on and on, we MAKE things to play with. Creative recycling is on a roll in our house, and the box with the empty containers is never empty.
And since the girls love to play kitchen, we decided to make more items for them to cook with. And once again, instead of buying the plastic, looking so real fruits and veggies, we made them ourselves.
They might not look very realistic, or may not even be close to looking real, but that does not matter. The creative process, the minimum resources spent and the outcome that brought the girls maximum satisfaction that what I find important.
The salt dough recipe is great. The usual proportion (1/3 cup of water, flour and salt) was not enough, so I had to make more. We also added a tablespoon of oil and a tablespoon of tartar, to make the dough more pliable. 3 hours in the oven and the food was ready to be painted.
Can you guess what these are?....Potatoes, a pomegranate, apples, chicken drumstick, muffins, a bull's eye, broccoli, meat, and croissant. Oh, I forget the blueberry! Can you see it?

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